Letter: Why we are calling for President Farahi to step down?

By Rev. Ronald Slaughter | Published Dec. 9, 2015 As the chairman of a coalition of black ministers calling for the resignation of President Dawood … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Dawood Farahi

(Letter to the Editor) The following letter was submitted to The Tower and is the opinion of its writer. The opinions expressed do not reflect the … [Read more...]

More tables, less world-class education

By Bryan C. Kuriawa and Christine Moukazis It is sometimes believed that universities, public or private, try to act in the best interest of … [Read more...]

Up to 12 full-time professors to be terminated?

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Kean’s new $219,000 purchase

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Disaster averted: Kean University keeps accreditation

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Lucky Kean student receives free tuition at Homecoming giveaway

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What’s the deal with Kean University’s China Campus?

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Farahi keeps job for another 5 years

By Brian Konchalski The Board of Trustees, on September 17, voted to extend Dawood Farahi’s, President of Kean University, contract with the … [Read more...]

Middle States Visiting Team says Kean in compliance, not yet off probation

By Brian Konchalski The Visiting Team from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) announced preliminary findings that Kean … [Read more...]