Holistic health class at Kean offers new perspective of healing and medicine

By Sara Ridgway | Posted on April 7, 2016 With Fall 2016 class registration underway, students of all majors may be looking for free electives from … [Read more...]

December is HIV/AIDS HEALTH Awareness Month

By Dr. Josh Palgi | Published Dec. 9, 2015 HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency virus. It attacks your body’s immune system. The virus destroys CD 4 … [Read more...]

The trend toward detoxification and cleansing

By Dr. Josh Palgi | Posted September 29, 2015 The premise of body cleansing is based on the ancient Egyptian and Greek idea of auto-intoxication, … [Read more...]

Kean prepares for its 8th Annual Human Rights Conference

Catherine Albisa will be speaking from a social and economic perspective in the U.S. By Annalise Knudson With the controversy surrounding the … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Awareness is Needed Year-Round

By Dr. Josh Palgi Breast Cancer Awareness month is held every October, but awareness is needed year-round. While many people are aware of breast … [Read more...]

Did you get your flu shot yet?

By Dr. Josh Palgi So you are back in school. You bought textbooks, notebooks, and pencils, but did you get your protection against the flu … [Read more...]

How healthy are Naked Juices?

By Gillian Findley With five minutes in-between classes, running against foot traffic and gusty winds, a quick snack would have to do before the … [Read more...]

Childhood obesity an epidemic in New Jersey

By Dr. Josh Palgi Obesity is an epidemic in the US. This condition is putting people at higher risk for serious diseases, such as type 2 … [Read more...]

Should I take dietary supplements?

By Dr. Josh Palgi   A dietary supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement or enhance … [Read more...]