Cute alert: Kids share their culture at Child Care Center

By Chiemela Igbokwe | Published April 30, 2016 Cuteness abounded at Kean's Child Care Center yesterday as parents and children shared their … [Read more...]

Soon-to-be graduates look to the future

The 2015 graduation ceremony at Kean University. By Gail Fredricks | Published April 29 The school year is coming to an end and another group of Kean … [Read more...]

Art and science meet at Burger Gallery

(Photo credit: Y. Smishkewych) By: Yuri Smishkewych | Published April 16, 2016 Only the occasional sound of a champagne bottle being popped open was … [Read more...]

Kean wins Silent Disco Party after taking second place in the TIDAL contest

By Redina Demushi | Posted on April 15, 2016 Kean University won a Silent Disco Party for this upcoming fall after taking second place in the TIDAL … [Read more...]

Listen: TV turns into poetry with readings from ‘Rabbit Ears’

By Rebecca Panico | Published April 12, 2016 Nine poets turned television into poetry on April 7 when they gathered to read from an anthology titled … [Read more...]

‘Sacred Spaces’ on display at Kean’s Nancy Dryfoos Gallery

(Photo credit: Y. Smishkewych) By: Yuri Smishkewych | Published April 10, 2016 Sue Zwick’s photographs on the sacred are cartes-de-visite from one … [Read more...]

Poetry reading set for tonight to showcase eclectic group

  By: Yuri Smishkewych | Published April 7, 2016 Her poems about television are anything but static: Dr. Susanna Rich is known to break a sweat … [Read more...]

Some study, others snooze: Students share their spring break stories

By Babatunde Dahunsi | Published April 5, 2016 Spring break is a time to relax, bask in the dazzling sun or sip on Pina Colada for some students, … [Read more...]

Human Rights Institute Conference highlights U.S. incarceration

Outside Kean University Human Rights Institute By Rose Marie Kitchen/ Published April 5 The Human Rights Institute (HRI) of Kean University … [Read more...]

More bang for your Cougar bucks

 Rock 'n' Joe at Union Train Station, BonChon on Stuyvesant Avenue, Parador Rojo on Morris Ave, The Tropicana Diner on Morris Ave & Applebee's on … [Read more...]