Sexual assault survivor gets personal with Kean students

By Elijah Tarik Powell | Published May 10, 2016 A sunny and carefree day at Kean University was eclipsed by one guest speaker’s story of sexual abuse … [Read more...]

Kean Cougar Daris Mendez heads to Ivy League Graduate School

By: Bhriana Smith | Published May 9, 2016 From the time she was a child, Kean senior, Daris Mendez, 22, was never set on having a boring, uncreative … [Read more...]

Kean University hosted the Third Annual Dance Marathon

By Bhriana Smith | Published May 9, 2016 Kean University held its third annual dance marathon on Friday, April 15, 2016 from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. in … [Read more...]

Farahi’s flowers

By: Yuri Smishkewych | Published April 29, 2016 With Kean abloom, it’s hard not to notice all the work that’s going on to beautify the … [Read more...]

Kean elects first female Student Org president

By: Gail Fredricks | Published April 29, 2016 Student Organization failed to field candidates for some key positions in the recent election, but … [Read more...]

Panel on climate change: advocacy, art & science

By: Yuri Smishkewych | Published April 28, 2016 Kean alumni learned and discussed about the science—and art inspired by the science—of climate change … [Read more...]

Ursino remains closed; property tax ruling pending

By: Redina Demushi | Published April 28, 2016 Ursino, Kean’s fine-dining restaurant open to the public, remains closed, but a ruling for back … [Read more...]

Tales from the loo

By: Chiemela Igbokwe | Published April 28, 2016 You’re a student here at Kean University, you walk into a men’s room in Townsend Hall and in the … [Read more...]

Few takers for Kean’s international studies program

By: Redina Demushi | Published April 28, 2016 Only eight students are currently studying abroad, not including Kean’s Wenzhou campus, while many … [Read more...]

No lead in Kean’s water

By: Nicole Brown | Published April 28, 2016 Kean University water showed no sign of lead contamination according to an email blast the university … [Read more...]