Kean wins Silent Disco Party after taking second place in the TIDAL contest


Photo Credit: Leslie Jones

By Redina Demushi | Posted on April 15, 2016

Kean University won a Silent Disco Party for this upcoming fall after taking second place in the TIDAL social media contest, according to the Kean PRSSA chapter.

The “TIDAL College’s Social Wave for Change” campaign encouraged college students across the country to give back to their communities and document their services on Instagram and Facebook, using the hash tag “#tidalXchange” and the name of their school on a photo or video.

According to Michael Canova, student publicist for media relations and PRSSA member at Kean, the Silent Disco Party will be taking place this upcoming fall semester and is open to all Kean students. An official date of the event has yet to be determined.

A silent disco is an event where the participants listen to the music being played through wireless headphones rather than a speaker system.

“I’m sure a lot of people on campus haven’t been to a silent disco before,” Canova said. “It’s something new. It’s free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?”

After ranking third in the first round of the contest, the winners were chosen based on the amount of votes each finalist received. The first place prize was a free concert with artist, Lil’ Wayne performing at the winner’s school.

“It wasn’t about the community service anymore,” Canova stated. “It was the voting. If more people passed the link around, we could’ve won.”

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) at Kean, which took part in the contest by launching their own campaign and spreading the details of the contest to students and other organizations on campus, was excited to hear the good news.

“I feel like our school gets a lot of negative attention,” Canova shared. “It’s nice to get recognized for something good.”


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