Kean grad’s Twitter threat appeal set for April 8

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By: Yuri Smishkewych | Published March 31, 2016

Kean graduate Kayla-Simone McKelvey, who allegedly posted numerous Twitter threats against Kean students in November, must now wait until April 8 to see if she will be admitted into a probationary program.

At a hearing on March 23 at the Union County Superior Court in Elizabeth, Judge William Daniel told McKelvey’s lawyer, Thomas Ashley, that he has until March 30 to file a formal appeal after McKelvey was denied entry to the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program earlier this month.

According to the Union County PTI office, if the PTI appeal is denied, the case is heard before a Grand Jury who will decide whether or not to indict McKelvey.

McKelvey was charged with creating a false public alarm, a third-degree criminal offense, two weeks after the online threats were made. She entered a not guilty plea at her first hearing on December 14 and later applied for the PTI probation program in January.

At a hearing earlier this month, Union County Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Barnes denied McKelvey’s request to be admitted into PTI and recommended a plea offer that included six-month jail term and restitution costs if McKelvey pleaded guilty, according to NJ Advanced Media.

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  1. Minister Mike Cunningham says:

    How dare the Charlestown Preachers out of Essex County come over stir up students and when they make wrong decisions, bad judgement calls they are no where to be found. Why didn’t some you coalition people who are so concerned about Kean University show up to support this young lady. show up to let the JUDGE KNOW SHE HAD SUPPORT BEHIND HER!!!! Show up and atleast crediblize the Protest but instead it appears a few press hungry Black Preachers came over for a day to make noise and build a case on something that would get them the greatest amount of exposure. Saw those same signs and same people in multiple places. They must get paid to protest.


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