Bernie Sanders, democratic socialism and what it means


Bernie Sanders at a rally in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 26, 2015. Photo Credit: Nick Solari via WikiMedia Commons

By Thomas Rich-Caverly | Published March 31, 2016

Democratic socialism is a combination of both Democracy and Socialism where the power is in the hands of the people, not billion dollar corporations. Indeed, Democratic Socialism, when done honestly and correctly, puts the power where it belongs, in the hands of society.

The wealthy and privileged few that own this country, own the majority of our politicians, and they own the huge media companies that give us our news (e.g. TV, Radio and Print). The corporate owned media, then feeds a very large and unknowing populous the very propaganda that allows these billionaires to continually get their politicians elected. Hence, they own our government. That is not Democracy.

So how does Socialism equate to Democracy? Well, let’s look at some of America’s greatest Socialist Programs that are controlled, and paid for by the American working people. In most cases, these programs are the best money we as Americans have ever spent. Simply put, Democratic Socialism keeps America running.

Here are some examples of Socialism in America today: United States Military, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, The Secret Service, The Police Department and Paid Fire Department. Courts, Public Defenders, Public Schools, Public Libraries and Public Parks are all Socialism. The United States Post Office is Socialism. The Department of Public Works (DPW), Garbage Collection (DPW), Sewers (DPW) and Roads and Bridges are all Socialism. State run Jails and Prisons are Socialism. Veteran Hospitals & Healthcare (VA), The GI Bill (Higher Education for Vets) and all Elected Officials are Socialism. This is just to name a few! The Hoover Dam and the Polio Vaccine are both Socialism. Don’t forget NPR, PBS, the FBI and the CIA! Healthcare for 9/11 Rescue Workers is Socialism. Disability and Unemployment Insurance is Socialism. Public Beaches, State Parks, National Parks, and all State and National Monuments are American Socialist Programs. The Department of Energy is Socialism. United States Customs and Border Protection is Socialism, as is The Department of Justice, The Peace Corps, and The National Weather Service. So is The White House! And don’t forget, Americas greatest Socialism success story; Social Security. Do some real research and see how Social Security is really doing. Do not take the word of the news outlets that are owned by the very same people who want to get their hands on, and privatize your Social Security. Social Security’s numbers are public knowledge and they speak for themselves.

So the next time one of your favorite cable news anchors tries to convince you that Socialism is bad, remember who he/she works for; the very same people who want to buy up and “privatize” the rest of Americas publicly owned, socialist programs. What’s next, privatized police? Privatized military? Mail? Not if we don’t let them! No wonder our roads are filled with potholes and our bridges are falling apart; our Unions and our Public Works programs have been undermined, weakened, and in many cases broken down completely. They won’t stop until they have it all, unless we as a people stop them.

Right now, however, we are being given the opportunity to take our Democracy back from those who stole it from us. This is the first time this opportunity has presented itself in my lifetime, which leads me to believe we had better take advantage of it now, while it is being offered. Bernie Sanders is offering to lead us in getting this process started.

Bernie Sanders knows Public Works puts the public to work. This is why he intends to expand upon these American Democratic Socialist programs, putting America back to work. Simply put, Democratic Socialism is not what we’ve been led to believe, and without it, the America we’ve always known, will cease to exist. As for me, I’m voting for the Democratic Socialist this upcoming election. #feelthebern

Editor’s note: Thomas Rich-Caverly is a senior psychology major with a minor in sociology at Kean University.

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