Daytime television comes to Kean University

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By Rose Marie Kitchen | Published on Dec. 10, 2015

An unusual bus trip has found its way to Kean University, and for years has left its mark while bringing students to day time television.

The Steve Wilkos show has gained an unexpected relationship with Kean University. Since 2011, the Steve Wilkos show has actively run a bus trip from Kean University to its studio in Stamford, Conn. is bus trip was rst organized in 2011 by alumnus Jamar Dorsey, who at the time was a senior media and lm major. Dorsey is founder of the Elite Media Association club at Kean University and was a host for one of the many radio shows that played on Kean University’s radio station, WKNJ 90.3 FM.

Dorsey met with the audience coordinator, who at the time was Adam Nechamkin, for the Steve Wilkos show, and was extended an invitation to attend the show with at least 15 people. Nechamkin told Dorsey that if he found 15 people that wanted to attend the show then the show would send a bus to pick everyone up.

The Steve Wilkos show has kept its partnership with Kean University even after Dorsey has graduated. Once a semester, e Steve Wilkos show sends emails to students and/or have a tabling event in the Miron Student Center (MSC) atrium offering a bus ride to the show. The latest bus trip was on Oct. 20, 2015.

“I never would’ve thought Kean University would be chosen to have a trip to the Steve Wilkos show,” said Juilan Kennebrew, sophomore communication major. “It felt surreal.”

Once a student shows interest in the Steve Wilkos show they will receive an email from Rachel Long, who works for “NBC Universal” and the audience department for the Steve Wilkos show. Long’s email consists of information regarding departure times and ticket information. Students are told to request individual tickets on the Steve Wilkos show website. The trip is free to students and pizza will be served.

“As a film major I thought it would be fun for me to go to a real television set and see how everything worked,” said Dawlat Chebly, sophomore lm major, “Part of me got so excited seeing the camera equipment and set, more than seeing the actual celebrity.”

There is no initial reason why the Steve Wilkos show chose to have a bus trip from Kean University, other than the fact that its target audience is college students. e show focuses on topics addressing adultery, domestic abuse, paternity, disrespectful children, teenage pregnancy and other topics similar. The Steve Wilkos show began after Wilkos’ departure as director of security on “The Jerry Springer Show.”

“Not only did I get to enjoy a free show and dinner with my friends, [but] I got to see how a real television set is and learn some new things,” said Chebly. “It’s an experience I’d be more than excited to relive.”

Any students interested in tickets or more information can call the audience department at 203-564-5235 or may visit the Steve Wilkos show website.


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