A statement from President Farahi

Dr. Dawood Farahi’s Remarks: Conversation Civility and Acceptance Dec. 1, 2015 at 5:30pm

Dr. Dawood Farahi | Published Dec. 9, 2015

The Kean Community is relieved to learn today from Union County prosecutor Grace Park that the individual who sent the abhorrent tweets two weeks ago has been identified and charged.

We are saddened to learn that the person allegedly responsible was an active participant in the rally that took place on campus on Tuesday, November 17 and is a former student of Kean. As a diverse academic community, we wholeheartedly respect and support activism, however, no cause or issue gives anyone the right to threaten the safety of others. We hope this information will begin to bring a sense of relief and security to the campus community.

I want you to know the threat assessment that took place immediately upon learning of the situation determined that the tweets did not pose a significant threat to the safety of our campus or our students. I wish I could have told you this sooner, but until now, it could have compromised the investigation.

This conversation today is valuable, important and a reflection of who we are. We need to keep talking.

Kean remains a place of diversity, of openness to all. These horrible tweets tried to tear us apart and tarnish our reputation, but they have failed. We continue to be united – working together always – in our mission to offer a worldclass education to students from all backgrounds.

The full statement from the county prosecutor’s office has been sent to the campus community, and will provide you with more insight into this heinous crime.

Two weeks ago students gathered to advocate for social justice and equal rights for everyone, everywhere. This is who we are. This is who, together, we will continue to be.

We are deeply grateful to faculty, students and staff who have worked hard over the years to make our campus one of the most racially diverse campuses in this country, and to our alumni whose support have made possible our ongoing efforts to promote social justice and human rights.

Thank you for your dedication to strengthening our community.


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