Kean Day comes to Downs Hall

By: Nicole Brown | Posted September 29, 2015
Rain hammered down forcing Kean University to celebrate their third annual Kean day in Downs Hall on September 10th.
The event kicked off around noon as groups of new and current students huddled tightly
together under umbrellas and made their way to Downs hall.
Inside the congested building over 30 tables were closely joined together with several guests including clubs and societies, financial institutions and other student services on
Students swarmed around the tables of enthusiastic guests including internship and employment recruiters who quickly spilled information about their services.
Yanis Uribe, a Wells Fargo customer service sales representative spoke vehemently about the services Wells Fargo offers to college student.
“We offer scholarship and credit card opportunities for college students,” he said. “We also have a host of employment positions on our website.”
Kerrim Llyes, Director of the Miron Student Center, said he downsized the guest list of Kean day due to the inclement weather and confined space.
“We downsized a little, but it did not affect the objective of Kean Day,” he said. “Our goal is to bring students and staff together; to bring awareness to Kean’s societies and opportunities.”
In a thrust theatre stage-like setting the entertainment system was displayed at center stage. Students stood beside each other in a full circular shape and cheered on fellow school mates to show off their best dance moves. A disc jockey played contemporary and old school songs from different genres of
music as the students danced.
“This is more upbeat and fun,” said Joey Stefanik, a senior student. “We get to socialize more in this setting as opposed to when itis held on the outside.”
While others waited patiently in long lines to collect souvenirs , such as baseball caps with student’s name tattooed on them, Magane Clerge, a freshman student scoured the building in search of opportunities.
With papers clutched to her arms, the accounting major happily disclosed the information she collected on Kean Day.
“It was a really cool experience, “she said. “I was involved in high school and now I learned how to get involved in college, and also cool internships.”
But, for Yaruby Petit-Frere, Director of Center for International Studies the music was too loud to communicate effectively with students.
“The weather wasn’t cooperating so we had no choice but to stay in a closed building,” said Petit Frere. “Nevertheless, it was a great turn out and I love the students’ energy.”
From the food and entertainment system to the guests and social circles, everyone had a reason for showing up to Kean day.
For Freshman student Ashley Ellis Kean day reminded her of New Student Orientation.
“I really enjoyed today,” she said. “It was informative and fun.”
The event ended at 5pm sharp after the disc jockey announced the winners of the event’s raffle.
Kean Day which is usually held along the Cougar’s walk started in the 1980s. Then, it was called Campus Awareness day and only catered to freshman students.
According to Llyes, the student affairs committee decided to change the name and the objective of Campus Awareness day three years ago.
As a result, it was renamed Kean Day which is designed to brings awareness and opportunities to all of Kean’s students.
“It was unfair for all the other students who were not freshmen,” said Llyes. “They requested the change and we agreed that it was important for everyone to have access to the opportunities.”

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