Greeks take center stage

By Celeste Simmons | Posted September 29, 2015Greeks
A sense of belonging. That’s what most people are looking for when they come to college. They find it in sports teams, classmates, and clubs, but what types of clubs yield the most sense of belonging? Fraternities and sororities for years have been the answer to that question, and are the main attraction to many colleges and universities across the nation.
These clubs create a strong sense belonging by basing themselves off of sisterhood and brotherhood. There are specific colors, symbols and principals for each one. Some are larger than others, some have stronger histories, some are older; but what makes one more popular than the other?
If you attended “Meet the Greeks” at Kean on Wednesday September 9th, the most popular fraternity stood out almost immediately.
Without a doubt, Iota Phi Theta was by far the liveliest frat of the night.
“Right now there are 13 of us on the yard and yeah, we’re pretty much the most popular,” said senior, Jevin Brown, who became an Iota in
spring 2014.
Iota Phi Theta is a nationally incorporated, historically African American, fraternity that was founded at Morgan State University on September 19, 1963. They have been at Kean University since 1988.
At the beginning of the event, there were just a few people, mainly freshmen sitting in the stand looking at all the tables, with no one really moving around. The atmosphere was a little tense, with people deciding if they wanted to get up and walk around or not. The Iota’s were the first one to change that feeling. As soon as they came in the started dancing to whatever
the DJ was playing.
Once more people started to walk around the Iota’s were the first to start strolling, a traditional dance or “party walk” performed by culturally based

fraternities and/ or sororities, in the middle of the floor. By the middle of the night they had taken over the floor.

The most exciting part of the night was the performances. The stands were packed to the point that many students were standing against the wall in the
gym. It wasn’t only Kean students who attended the event, but there were also many students from different colleges there as well.
“I’m waiting to see the Iota’s,” said Alexis Cubbage, a senior from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. “I heard they’re really lit in Jersey.”
Throughout the performances the sororities and fraternities got up on stage and stepped, strolled, and spoke about their organization. The last to perform were the Iota’s, staying true to the phrase about saving the best for last. Out of all the other performances, theirs was the longest and most interactive. They included the audience and even had the Kean Cougar involved in their performance. They were the ones to get people in the stands jumping and screaming.
“We stroll, we step, we do it all” said Brown. Apart from their performance that night, the events they hold throughout the year help with their popularity.
“Throughout the year we hold educational events and parties. We do some of everything honestly,” said Brown. “We typically stroll at
When asked about what makes them so popular, senior Bhriana Smith said “because there are so many of them on campus most
With 13 current members, the Iota’s do have one of the larger numbers of members out of the fraternities on campus. So with more of them around, it’s more likely that people will want to join or support them.
If you are looking to join a fraternity or sorority here at Kean, check their website to see a list of the ones offered on campus or check in with the Greek student office.

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