Pick some produce with the Liberty Hall farm


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By Yayonah Bangura on Sept. 24, 2015

The Liberty Hall farm is looking for volunteers to help plant and tend to the variety of crops being grown on Kean’s land.

About a year ago, Kean teamed up with the “Come Grow with Us” program of Groundwork Elizabeth, an organization that builds food-producing gardens around Union County. Kean’s urban farm was active on its own for hundreds of years, but was farmed on and off.

It was looking for a new farming organization to take over and provide produce to the university while being open to the public, so the partnership formed in June of 2014.

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Jackie Albaum, a member of Groundwork Elizabeth and the farm’s director, explained the distribution of crops grown.

“We work on a 30/30/30 model, so 30 percent stays with the university, a majority of which goes to Ursino, the university’s restaurant and this year we’ve been supplying the cafeteria as well,” said Albaum. “The other 30 percent is sold to the college and the final 30 goes to food pantries.”

By growing vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, watermelons, beans, ground cherries and peppers, the farm hopes to encourage students to eat organic produce instead of processed foods.

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