Liberty Hall hosts ‘Crossroads of American Revolution’ event

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By Yayona Bangura

On Thursday, May 14, Liberty Hall hosted a cocktail party/ fundraising event called the ‘Crossroads of the American Revolution,’ aimed towards getting invitees to become donors and supporters of the organization.

“Crossroads of the American Revolution is a national heritage area set aside by congress to preserve, protect, and promote all revolutionary sites and landscapes in the state of New Jersey,” said Debbie Lynch, the organization’s development director.

“We want to tell the invitees about what Crossroads is doing, help them understand how important it is that we protect these sites and lift up that great heritage that New Jersey has. We don’t want to be known as the housewives of New Jersey, am I right?” she said with a laugh.

Sally Lane, a member of the Crossroads Board of Trustees, hoped that gained supporters would give $1000 or more annually to the group, as funding that could be counted on and provided by private sources.

John Kean Sr., the current owner of Liberty Hall, allowed curators to display a collection of documents and artifacts from the war for guests to view, which included lists of the war’s participating soldiers and their races, letters from President George Washington sent to John Kean and conserved U.S. state funds.

Crossroads’ Honorary Chairman and former Governor Thomas Kean attended the event and made a few remarks to the attendees, in which he stressed how important it was for New Jersey’s youth to learn about their state’s history.

He expressed his excitement about planned projects by the organization, which included placing state signs to welcome visitors into the national heritage areas in the 14 counties that make up the Crossroads.

“This is a country that does not have a united ethnic heritage,” said Kean. “We’re all very different people with totally different backgrounds, so we need things to hold us together, otherwise we’ll fly apart. Our values, liberty, freedom and knowing about the people who fought for our history holds us together.”

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