Goodbye from The Tower’s Editor-in-Chief

By Bryan C. Kuriawa

Well, after nearly four years of wandering in and out of room 413, I’m graduating from Kean University. Despite the many ups and downs, I can say it was fun and enjoyable working on this publication, day in and day out.

When I first came here in November 2011, it was to be an Arts and Entertainment writer whose primary subject was monthly film reviews. My time as a writer for my High School paper had convinced me I could be the next Roger Ebert or Gene Shalit.

Boy was I full of it.

I eventually, highlight “eventually,” came to realize movie critics were a dime a dozen in the overly saturated world of media. Any individual, not only with strong grammatical skills, but even a camera, can express his or her opinion on cinema.

Thus I made the transition over to Features and profiling people with interesting backstories or careers.

Sitting in the Tower office from my comfy wheel chair, excuse the misuse of terms, the room looks a little different from when I first saw it. T

he tables have been reorganized into nice rows, the area seems more open, but at least the international clocks are still here. Three of them function somewhat well, the rest are in need of fresh batteries.

I should probably get on that last matter before the semester ends.

Back on topic, I’m not entirely sure how to address the fact of my graduation in a proper light. I could use this time to thank many of the fine professors I’ve had. Excluding a few who resulted in mental anguish, and could be potential fictional villains if I ever write detective novels.

Similarly, I could mention that I’m happy to have worked and gotten to know many of our writers during my time here. That working with such a staff has proven to be both developmental and to a smaller extent, entertaining.

Entertaining in manners that would be impossible to describe, largely due to inappropriateness.

Hopefully, my passive, sarcastic tone will be evident to you at this point, dear reader. Those last two words probably pushed me into the “antique” category in tone.

Moving on, I would say that I’m very happy to have worked with this staff in the past two semesters. It’s been enjoyable getting to know you all and develop a strong student publication.

To the writers and editors at this publication, I have a message for you all. Regardless of your writing focus, whether it be the Arts, Sports, whatever, keep a truly inquisitive mind.

Develop your own ideals and always seek the truth and information behind everything you do. Care about what truly moves you and stand for everything you believe in. In this sense, I will quote from the late Prime Minster of Rhodesia, Ian Smith.

“Freedom and justice. If you have those two, it covers everything. You must stick to those principles and have the courage of your convictions.”

I’ll give everyone a moment at this point to look up who Ian Smith, or the former country of Rhodesia, is.

To everyone, I say thanks for making my college experience, and my time at The Tower, exceptional. It’s been an honor working, writing, and procrastinating with you all.

Goodbye Kean, goodbye to The Tower, We can put this one to rest.


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