Kean plants it for the planet on Earth Day

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By Timothy Awojobi

Walking past the University Center Patio sat a table hosted by Kean students to plant their own seeds in soil in recognition for Earth Day.

Each year, Kean University holds a special Earth Day event called, “Plant it for the Planet.” The Center for Leadership and Service department gave this role into the hands of the Involvement Center. The event took place on Wednesday, April 22, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

“I’ve always had a strong love for plants and keeping our planet safe,” said Claudia Zabielski, Involvement Center student worker at Kean University. “Our ecosystem is being destroyed each and every day due to pollution by our own people.”

The Involvement Center named this Earth day event as part of their “Get Involved Wednesday.” Within this special event, students were authorized by an Involvement Center staff member to plant their own seeds at home and build their own garden.

Each year, on April 22, Earth Day is an annual event that happens worldwide to enforce and boost support for environmental protection. This special day is focused on the aspect of nature and preserving Earth’s natural resources.

Nationally and globally, Earth day is celebrated in many different ways, through festivals, activities, and school-sponsored trips. Many people associate the term, “Earth Day” with keeping the earth green and healthy.

“Earth Day is about celebrating the entire world as a whole,” said Grace Campbell, Involvement Center student worker, and senior at Kean University. “Appreciating what Mother Nature has given us is the most important thing about Earth day.”

The Involvement Center holds an event each and every Wednesday called “Get Involved Wednesday” that involves hands on activities for students to take part in on campus. Each Wednesday, a new event/activity is placed for students to take part in.

For more information about next year’s Earth Day event, or to find out about upcoming “Get Involved Wednesday” events, students can contact the Center for Leadership and Service department at 908-737-5170.


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