“Gladiators” connect deeply with ABC’s Scandal


Members of Kean Gladiators await the start of ABC Network’s Scandal in Sozio Hall Community Center.

By Bhriana Smith

Shonda Rhimes’s hit drama series “Scandal” is one of television’s biggest sensations. Fans all over the world have coined themselves as “gladiators,” a member of Olivia Pope’s team. It is no surprise that Kean University has a couple of Gladiators of its own.

Every Thursday night at 9 p.m., Kean Gladiators drop anything that they’re doing to see what drama is awaiting to unfold in the newest episode. A few of Kean Gladiators expressed their thoughts on the show.

“Huck is definitely my favorite character,” said Aerianna Hardy, a junior at Kean University.

“Cyrus is definitely my least favorite character,” says Hardy.

There are so many diverse characters in the series, so it is always interesting to see which character people favor, and which one people absolutely disdain.

From the myriad of ever growing plot lines to the scandalous relationships and schemes that simultaneously occur in every episode, there is far too much to like –and dislike –about this show.

“I like all of the story lines and how it shows the conspiracies that can happen in politics,” said Hardy.

“If I have to choose a person to be my favorite, I say Huck,” said Anthony Watts, a proud, male Gladiator. “Not that having PTSD is something to glorify.”

Some gladiators feel a direct connection with the characters –even if they are just made up people in a fictitious show.

“If I could’ve been an actual Gladiator, I would have been Harrison-even though they killed him,” said Hardy. “His monologues were amazing, and I admire his drive and intelligence.”

Other gladiators enjoy the real life events –like activist movements –that Shonda Rhimes manages to incorporate into the episodes.

“I like when [Shonda] uses the show to deliver a positive message,” said Ashley Fields, another Kean Gladiator. “For example, in the episode before last, she incorporated the Black Lives Matter movement into it. It was a powerful episode.”

Of course, there are people that love the sexy, scandalous moments.

“I like the sex scenes with the President and [Olivia],” said Fields sheepishly.

There’s never any harm in being a little scandalous, dear Gladiator.

“I love Kerry Washington as a person but I kind of don’t like Olivia,” said Watts. “I feel like she causes too many problems, even though she is supposed to fix them.”

Like Gladiators everywhere, Kean Gladiators have a lot to look forward to in the future, according to show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes.

“In the near future, I expect more twists and turns,” said Hardy. “I also want to see what’s happening with Olivia Pope’s parents.”

“I hope that Olivia’s father comes back in the next few episodes,” said Watts. “She thought she could make it without him, but she’s not doing all that great.”

The show is in its fourth season and airs every Thursday night on ABC’s Network. The season finale is scheduled to be in mid-April.


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