‘Yeezy’ Season Arrives in Unconventional Fashion


Final lineup of models at the end of ‘Yeezy Season 1’ show

By Yayona Bangura

Alexander Wang, Rihanna, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Anna Wintour; the most talked about front-row guests in all of this Spring’s New York fashion week, attended Kanye West’s and Adidas Originals collaboration show, Yeezy Season 1.

On Feb. 12, along with the release of his Yeezy Boost sneaker, West’s highly anticipated show was a welcoming back of all kinds.

Being his second fashion collection since his first in 2011 and since parting ways with Nike to join Adidas, many hoped that he would showcase a line similar to the clothes he has been known to style his wife, Kim Kardashian, in. Especially since his 2011 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear line was harshly criticized by fashion’s elite.

To some enthusiasts’ pleasant surprise or dismay, it was anything but that.

West had one of the most racially diverse high-fashion runways. Ranging from household models like Grace Bol, to street culture connoisseurs Ian Connor and Luka Sabbat. The line-up even included sister-in-law Kylie Jenner who graced the spotlight.

In their most natural states, with little-to-no makeup or accessories, the models marched up the runway in lines of four in what seemed to be soft military-style apparel. With looks that included hefty yet chic jackets, backpacks and clothes in neutral tones of gray, beige, green, chocolate and occasional splashes of blood-orange and pink.

The remaining female models were clad in nude sheer stockings from head to toe, along with one or two of West’s pieces; appearing almost naked to the eye.

At the end of the show, West debuted his new song “Wolves,” featuring artists Vic Mensa and Sia, from his yet to be released album as he walked out between the models, the crowd cheering as he bowed.

Almost immediately after, Internet critic comparisons ranged from “high-end versions of American Apparel pieces,” to “clothes that looked to have been worn in ‘The Matrix’ movie.” Some simply dismissed the line as overhyped and unworthy; others loved it but were confused by the presentation.

A closer analysis makes things clearer.

Where most designers choose to dress an entire model in their pieces, West did the exact opposite. By separating his pieces from the models creating a nude illusion, West made it so that the pieces themselves would stand out rather than the outfit construction, which is a clever move on his part.

With all the harsh criticism West has received about his work ethic, fashion line, music, and just about anything else he engrosses himself in, this can be said; Yeezus Season 1 broke boundaries in an innovative way and was a show that, whether appreciated or hated, won’t be forgotten anytime soon.


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