Kean’s baseball team ready to play ball and win it all


Kean University’s baseball team

By Angel Ospina

Experience is the teacher of all things, and the upperclassmen student-athletes of Kean’s baseball team are ready to put that experience to the test, as they believe the skies are the limit for this upcoming season.

“My goals are the team goals which are wining the NJAC, the NJAC Tournament, winning the regionals and getting that championship,” said senior, James Lyczkowski.

With the season quickly approaching, the student- athletes are determined to provide whatever leadership skills are necessary in order to accomplish their long list of goals. The seniors of the team are looking to provide a mentorship role to the team’s underclassmen.

“When a younger player doesn’t do what he is supposed to do, I just go up to him and try explaining what he did wrong and teach him how to do it the proper way,” said Lyczkowski.

Lyczkowski is a catcher who is battling two herniated disks in his back, but the injury will not stop him from trying to lead on and off the field.

Senior Charles Theilmann is going into his final season with the Cougars with a team first mentality. He and the other seniors are preparing to lead the team to their first NCAA Division III National Championship title since 2007.

“This season I personally don’t have any personal goals because once we get to that point where we compete for the championship and get the ring all of the personal awards will come with it,” said Theilmann.
The Cougars are coming off a season where they went 35-14.

“I’m just gonna have to lead by example and answer any questions they have because the game is really fast when you first get here,” said Theilmann. Theilmann is a right-handed pitcher from Piscataway, New Jersey who is determined to make his final year on the team, a year to remember.

“All we want is to be at the top after the last game,” stated Theilmann.

Junior Ryan Kelly didn’t mention any accolades, but instead just looks forward to playing baseball and being around his teammates for the entire season.

“The atmosphere of being around the team and competing on an every day basis is what I’m most excited for,” said Kelly excitedly.

On Feb 28, the team opened their season with a 3-1 home win over Eastern Connecticut State University. Sophomore Emilo Calderon pitched for eight innings, giving up only one hit. Thielmann recorded the save with two strikeouts.


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