Celebrating Black History with the Pan-African Student Association

By: Christina Collazo

“Hotep”- a word meaning “At peace”, that the Pan-African Student Association repeats before raising the black liberation flag outside of University Center in honor of Black History Month.

In a speech made by Kayla-Simone McKelvey, President of the PASU said, “The colors of the Pan African flag is red for the blood that unties all people of black African ancestry and shed for liberation, the black is for black people that exists as a nation, not only a nation state but affirm by the flag in power, and green is the abundant nature of African land.”

On February 5th, students came out to see the ceremonial raising of the Pan-African Flag as prayers were made and a single fist was raised in honor of Black and African culture.

Kyleesha Wingfield-Hill, a senior and member of PASU said, “I joined the Pan-African Student Association because I wanted to get in touch with my history, be active in the community goals, and get to know where we come from.”

Kyleesha is currently working behind-the-scenes in the annual “Black Love Affair” event that will feature a live band, spoken word, and gospel choir which will celebrate love in oneself as well as African descent. The event is scheduled for February 15th in Downs Hall.

Kyleesha said, “Black Love”, is to get back in touch with what “Black Love” is and what “Black love” means.”

With the activities and events planned in Kean University, The Pan-African Student Association has contributed to a lot of community outreach outside of Kean University with workshops and mentoring.

The Pan-African Student Union is a cultural Organization started at Kean University that unites all people of African descent into a greater awareness of self. They emphasize that everyone is welcome to join and come celebrate Black culture.


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