Intramural Flag Football


Last year’s intramural champions

By Jaime Alicea III

To be truly great you have to work with trust and believe in each other. Football is America’s greatest sport, so why not give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this amazing sport.

That’s where intramural flag football comes into play. It allows every Kean student to get a group of friends and give it their all out in the football field, but most of all, it allows them to have fun.

Intramural flag football gives you the same experience of regular football, but allows you to be in a safer environment with fewer injuries. Last year’s champions, the Apex Predators, are the perfect example of a group of friends coming together, supporting each other, building chemistry and winning it all.

“Last year was amazing,” said defensive and offensive lineman Collin M. Dowling. “We were 7-1 going into the playoffs, and we had to play multiple teams that had Kean baseball players, lacrosse players and other college athletes. Being able to win with a team of non-athletes was fun.”

The boys on the Apex Predators were subjected to trash talking every week because their team did not consist of any athletes. However, in the end, they came out on top.

This year’s intramural flag football games consists of 11 teams, the current top two teams are last year’s champions, the Apex Predators, and a new up-and-coming team, named She Got A Wagon. Only three games have been played so far, and while many teams are rising up in the ranks, some teams are still looking for their identity.

“Chemistry with your teammates is important,” said Dowling. “The fact that we all know each other and bond with each other helps us build on that chemistry. It doesn’t matter if it’s an intramural sport or a professional sport you need chemistry if you want your team to succeed at a sport.”

Intramural flag football, although very similar to regular football, is far stricter than regular football. Players must constantly watch how aggressive they play or risk being ejected, tackling is prohibited and even trying to strip the ball from an opponent is prohibited.

These regulations have been made to keep the Kean intramural players safe and are regulated by Kean’s top-notch student referees.

The top four teams will make the playoffs, with the semi-finals and finals being played on Nov. 23 at Alumni Stadium.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you’re small, big or not coordinated, the intramural flag football league was made for one thing and one thing only: for all Kean students who sign up to enjoy themselves and have fun with their friends.


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