Faculty and Students Evaluate Kean Technology


Kean students work in a computer lab on campus

By Daris Mendez

Technology has rapidly become an important aspect of higher education and its use in classrooms has grown immensely. However, both students and faculty of Kean University are voicing their concern with the technology on campus.

On Nov. 11, Kean’s Faculty Senate got together to discuss issues relevant to Kean students and the university as a whole. One of the issues brought up was the quality of the technology in Kean classrooms.

Within this issue, members discussed the specific problems they were experiencing in classrooms such as the extended amount of time it takes for systems to start up and missing blinds which create a problem when presenting power points.

On their website, the Faculty Senate describes themselves as being “the principal agency for the formulation of Kean University policy.”

Their web page also states that they “communicate recommendations to the President on such matters as faculty affairs, curriculum, instruction, student affairs, finances and other matters”

With this being their objective, a senate member proposed to bring the technology issue up to the Kean administration.

“It is our hope that we can work together to make this place a better place,” said Dr. Pat Ippollito at the Nov. 11 meeting.

Kean students have noticed the effect of faulty technology in the classrooms. Student Kelly Rebele, a junior is frustrated with her experience in a computer-based classroom.

“The technology at Kean University is stressful. As a student you come prepared and ready to learn however, when projectors, mouse, or even keys are missing from keyboards it is unacceptable,” Rebele said. “Technology is improving in today’s society but it needs to be fixed in the [Kean] classrooms.”

Although these types of issues exist, the university offers the help of Computer Information Services that deal with technical issues on campus. The mission on their website states:

“The Office of Computer and Information Services is committed to providing high quality technology services to the students, faculty and staff of Kean University in order that the University can maintain its commitment of accessibility, both academically and economically, to all students,” according to Computer Services website.

According to the website their aim is to advocate and facilitate the use of technology on campus and hope to use innovative technology for community use.

In addition to having Computer Information Services available to students, the university budgeted $3,162,000 towards Equipment and Improvements for 2014. This is stated on the Budget Office Website.

While support and money both exist for technology, some students point out that sometimes issues with technology depend on where you are on campus.

Student Rachel Medina, a senior who helps with technological issues at the Stem Building said she barely encounters any issues in the Stem Building but acknowledges that some glitches occur in other places on campus

“The technology in this building is pretty solid. They are rarely any issues. It really depends where you go on campus,” Medina said.

While Kean is progressing with new campus buildings, and programs, its technology becomes a salient aspect to consider.


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