Keeping Up With Kean: Being Fall Fashion Forward

By: Yayona Bangura 

The most important keys for fall fashion are to stay warm, comfortable and super cute. Fortunately, this season is one of the best times to experiment with new trends because so many of them are becoming more casual and street friendly. Looking back at some Fall 2014 Fashion Week trends, here are the five top looks you can take from the catwalk and rock in real life.

  1. Layers are significant in autumn. We have to stay warm, right? But why go for bulky, unattractive jackets when you could stand out in an intense coat? Daring singular colors are in now more than ever. With hues like violet, dark blue, fuchsia, deep orange, oxblood, mustard and forest green being some of the most popular. Oversized wrap coats, raglan coats and capes in these colors are sure to assist in making a bold statement this fall.
  2. Since the most important thing about fashion these days is comfort, sneakers like New Balances, Nike Roshes, Air Maxes and Huaraches are making an even bigger appearance from the influence of sporty-chic street style to the runway. Whether you’d rather go “normcore” with just a plain tee and jeans, to adding your own flare with a cool jacket, skirt and stockings, the casual sneaker trend has gone way beyond the ordinary tennis shoe.
  3. When season three of “American Horror Story: Coven ”premiered, the cast of witches upped the ante of bad-assery in their signature black western wide-brimmed hats. Those hats have now hit the runway in a cowboy-meets-urban way. With a great outfit, they provide the perfect chic, mysterious and sophisticated look. An all black ensemble provides a bigger effect and can be paired with anything from a nice pair of heels, to flats or oxfords.
  4. Brown is the most conventional fall color, but there’s a twist this season— we’re not going with brown clothes, but with brown makeup. Brown makeup looks are rich with dark chestnut eye shadows, beige lipsticks, chocolate liners, bronzers and nude shades to extenuate and bring a natural glow to any skin tone. From high-end makeup brands like NARS and Urban Decay to your local drug store brands like Maybelline and Covergirl, all options offer makeup to bring life and warmth to your face during the fall.
  5. Mix-matching dramatically different materials has become big this year. Whether it be combining a silk top with corduroy skinnies and leather booties, to a putting together a fringe dress with a jean jacket and suede shoes, contrasting materials gives outfits more appeal, especially when they are monotone in color. More textures are guaranteed to meet the eye in the most subtle, yet interesting way.

Well, there you have it–– five fall trends you can follow that will guarantee you three things: warmth, comfort and style that won’t break your bank. Most know that fall and winter are the best times to test one’s true sense of fashion, so let the world be the runway you chose to walk this season. Or you can just circulate the KU clock tower and show off your latest outfit, if that’s your thing.


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