Trinity of Eateries

New Residence Dining Hall Cougar's Den
From left to right: University Center Cafeteria, New Upper Residence Hall Dining Hall, Cougar’s Den

By Clifton Andrews

Do you prefer quality, quantity, or tradition?

In the beginning there was one. For so long, only one true eatery ruled the Kean University campus. But as time passed, new rival eateries appeared, each with their own unique styles and advantages. So how do students feel about the trinity of eateries and which do they feel is the best?

When asked, most students unanimously chose the Cougar’s Den as their first choice of campus eateries. Students said the luxurious and professional atmosphere was refreshing. Between the waiters and signature foods, students said the Cougar’s Den was more like a restaurant than any typical eatery.

Plus, with a newly built section with a stage for occasional performances and events, students say the occasional entertainment makes the Cougar’s Den their number one choice.

When asked what their second choice would be, most students said the New Upper Residence Dining Hall. Students said that they loved the idea of a buffet where they could eat as much as they want either for the flat rate of a meal plan or the single payment of a meal, regardless of what the meal is or how much is being eaten. Here, students said Kean’s quantity was key.

Although most chose the University Center Cafe as their least favorite, there were those who preferred the traditional cafe over the buffet. Some students preferred the organized cafeteria with a wide variety of food in clearly labeled sections, served by employees of gourmet dining.

Students also favor the University Cafeteria because it stands as the only cafeteria that makes food “to-go”, allowing students and faculty to stop by for a quick meal without waiting or being restricted from taking their food with them. Some students simply say that old-fashioned cafeterias work best.

With that being said, do you prefer the popular quality of the Cougar’s Den? Or maybe you prefer the vast quantity of the New Residence Dining Hall, or the tradition of the old-fashioned University Center? Regardless of your choice, quality, quantity, and tradition are all available at Kean to satisfy the appetite of any Kean student.


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