Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in Poland present works in diverse media

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By Vera Boateng

“Exercise Exercise Repetition” can be just a random grouping of words without meaning. For Kean University students, it’s the title of the James Howe Gallery exhibition, “Project Exercise.” The gallery opened on Sep. 3 in Vaughn Eames, the Fine Arts building on campus.

Artists featured in the gallery were students from Jan Metejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. The Guest Curator of the exhibition is Kean Fine Arts adjunct professor Joanna Wezyk. The various artists included were Zbigniew Bajek, Roman Fleszar, Elzbieta Zrobek and Krzysztof Marchlak to name a few.

“At the opening artists came from Poland and were excited to have their work at The James Howe Gallery,” said Franki Vicini, a graduate student worker at the Karl and Helen Burger Gallery, who worked as security at the opening to make sure that no one was touching the artwork that was displayed.

At the opening, Alumni of Kean and current Kean students were among some of those that showed up.

“The exhibition was popular because the artists’ work was so different,” Vicini commented.

The professors from Krakow Academy, along with graduate students, presented works in diverse media.

Some of the art that was displayed were paintings on canvas-like material, different-shaped images and abstract images that featured the use of light and dark colors.

One of the images displayed was one of someone playing a piano. This image put emphasis on many aspects, including the form of someone’s hand before they play the piano and detailing the hand to the keys being touched as the person plays.The unique nature of each piece allowed the exhibition to inspire other artists at Kean and beyond to continue to bring forth very inventive art.

The James Howe Gallery is located on the first floor in Vaughn Eames. Project Exercise is opened now until Nov. 12.

Other galleries on campus include, Karl & Helen Burger Gallery located in Center for Academic Success building, Nancy Dryfoos Gallery located in the Nancy Thompson Library, Human Rights Institute Gallery also located in the library and the Student Gallery located in Vaughn Eames.



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