Kean University Students are in Uproar Over Trolleys

Cred: Kristen DeMatos

By: Timothy Awojobi
As the school year begins, Kean’s students are met with yet another stress factor in addition to the recent parking problem: the trolleys.
There have been numerous complaints from students and faculty over the trolley transportation at Kean University. According to Joshua Paul, sophomore criminal justice major, the late trolleys and buses have caused him to miss his classes on numerous occasions.
“This isn’t fair. Where is all my tuition going to? Parking is already bad enough and I have to catch the trolley all the way from east campus to the main campus,” said Paul.
The shuttle system and trolleys at Kean University are designed for student and faculty transportation. The trolleys make about 6 stops, which include Hennings Hall, Wilkins Theater, East Campus, and the STEM Building.
“I have class in the mornings, and the trolley is either late or always fully packed,” said Courtney McTeer, junior accounting major at Kean University.
Many students agreed with McTeer’s complaint regarding how full the trolleys get. Students also stated that many of the trolley drivers would pass right by them with no signal or stop.
“There would be times I would wave my hand at the driver to stop, and he would just keep going right past me,” said Kristina Cruz, senior biology student.
Students hope that further action will be taken to fix the problem. Suggestions include increasing the number of trolleys running per hour and/or hiring more drivers to make transportation more reliable for the students and faculty of Kean University.


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