Showcase of future directors and actors

By Jennifer Deligne

The Directors Workshop highlighted 13 students in the theatre department with their version of a final which involved directing short one-act plays. The directors had a chance to put their visions on stage with 2-3 chosen actors per play, some theatre students and others just wanting to act.

The one-acts consisted of mostly comedies and a couple of dramas chosen by the directors. Some plays were made specifically to be one-acts, while others were taken from a scene of a longer play or from a film.

“My favorite part of the whole process is working with my fantastic actors and seeing them actually making it real from the ideas I have in my head,” said 22-year-old theatre major Jonathan Wells.

Wells is more interested in the acting part of theatre rather than directing. He also feels, however, that this final will help him be a better actor in the long run because he sees both sides of the process.

Seats filled up on April 29th and 30th as family members and friends came to see the directors and actors after weeks of hard work. Each one-act was played only once between both days but it made for a diverse show.

“They did a great job, I’m proud of my actors,” said Wells.


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