[UPDATE] University Center Re-opened

By Keanu Austin, Ryan Gaydos & Kyle Lawrence

[UPDATE 5/6 2:55 PM]

Repairs have finished and the UC is now re-opened.

[UPDATE 3:45 PM]

Starbucks in the Nancy Thompson Library is also closed due to complications with water.

“When the water was turned on, it blew the dish machine and caused a flood,” said Rick Joseph, Kean’s food service director. “I didn’t want people working with electrical equipment in the middle of all that water.”

A written notice of Starbucks’ closure referred would-be patrons to the Center for Academic Success where cashier Janice O’ Halloran had her hands full manning the third-floor kiosk amid an influx of customers.

“Business has been more busy than usual,” said O’ Halloran. “Hopefully it’ll be busy all day.”

The Library’s Starbucks re-opened early noon, but the UC Cafeteria, Cougar’s Den, Little Theater and Game Room are still closed until further notice.

In an e-mail, University Relations notified all students, faculty and staff about alternative campus eateries to dine at in the meantime.


Emergency repairs in the University Center have caused the UC Cafeteria, Cougars Den, Little Theater and the Game Room until further notice.

According to staff members guarding the entrance to the hallway near the Game Room, the area was flooded after Wednesday’s torrential rain storm.

Starbucks in the Nancy Thompson Library is also closed.


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