Spring blossoms at Kean

By Shelsie Ducheine

It’s warming up at Kean University and the Cougars are out on the prowl. Sun dresses, shorts, and flip flops are slowly seeping out onto the cougars walk and by looking at the forecast, they will soon be out in full effect.

Many students have been outward about the positive emotions about the weather and how alleviated they are that scarfs and mittens no longer consume their wardrobe. Shirley Rejouis, a senior at Kean University, is amongst the group of students who are ready to break out of their winter shell.

“I’m so happy that it’s not snowing anymore, ” Rejouis said. ” I can actually go outside and not have to wear a jacket.”

While many are excited for the rise in temperature and sudden liveliness here on campus many are concerned with the longevity of it all. New Jersey is no stranger to “fluctuating” weather and because of that, some students refuse to get excited about the weather , worried that a snow storm may be sneaking just around the corner.

“The weather now is good weather but it’s a little out of sequence and bounces around too much,” Charles Curtis , a senior at Kean , said. ” Consistent weather is the best weather.”

Regardless if consistent weather is the matter at hand or not , numbers don’t lie.

There has been a drastic change in weather and while we may have been and still are expecting showers , the sun is pushing its way out and trying hard to make itself noticeable.


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