Top 5 New Books and Magazines

By Yayona Bangura

We’re back again this issue with a new list of books and magazines to satisfy your inner book-worm. Check out these suggestions:

Title: Gone Girl

Author: Gillian Flynn

Description: Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary takes an alarming turn when Amy disappears from their country home and Nick’s passive response makes him a prime suspect. As the couple’s diaries are revealed, their recorded entries don’t add up and the race to find Amy unravels in twisted ways you’ll never expect. The film, starring Ben Affleck, is set to release Oct. 3 this year.


Title: All You Need Is Kill

Author: Hiroshi Sakurazaka and Yoshitoshi ABe

Description: Keiji Kiriya, an inexperienced soldier, is dropped into war against a murderous alien race that has taken over Earth. Killed immediately, he wakes up alive to discover that he is in a time loop—reliving his war death over and over again. Kiriya must strategize to survive the battle in order to change his fate. The film, titled Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise, is set to release June 16 this year.


Title: Room

Author: Emma Donoghue

Description: Five-year-old Jack has never seen the world outside of his dimly lit, 11×11 foot room. Held captive since birth with his Ma, what is ordinary life to Jack is a prison for his mother, built by her kidnapper Old Nick. Determined to survive and provide a better life for her son, Ma devises a plan to escape, but is unprepared for what happens when things go awry.


Title: Porter Magazine

Publication: Net-a-Porter

Description: Net-a-Porter’s luxury fashion company has created a magazine dedicated to celebrating women with both beauty and brains. With six issues a year, the magazine includes stories, anecdotes and interviews covering fashion, beauty, travel and global culture. It has featured celebrities from Uma Thurman and Julianne Moore, to high-fashion designers such as Lanvin’s Alber Ebaz.


Title: Like the Wind Magazine

Publication: Freestak

Description: This magazine features personal essays, letters, poems, paintings and photos of trail, track, and road runners. Filled with stunning graphics and inspirational stories of ordinary racers doing extraordinary things, Like the Wind magazine is a treat that any athlete or sports fan could enjoy.


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