How to Dress Professionally for a Job Interview

By Elizabeth Bracey

Summer is now getting closer and it is time to prepare for those summer internships and career opportunities after graduation. Your first impression with a future employer can determine if you are the right candidate for a position.  Dressing professionally for a job interview is crucial now because there is a lot of competition in the corporate world and you have to make yourself stand out. Some great tips on making an outstanding first impression are:

1) Wear dark colors.

It is important to wear a dark color suit in Navy Blue, Black or Grey. These colors symbolizes professionalism and leadership. You do  not want to show up at a job interview with bright colors on.

2) Minimal jewelry as possible.

Too much jewelry can make a bad impression because jewelry can take away from the employers attention. Instead of them being fascinated with your persona they may be fixed on the heavy gold necklace you are wearing around your neck.

3) Do not overdose on perfume or cologne

Wearing too much perfume or cologne may lose interest of your future employer. You never know if they are allergic as well.

4) Make sure your hair is clean

Nothing is worse than going to a job interview when your hair is in a mess or your haircut is not neat.  Always make sure your hair looks presentable before walking into a professional setting.

5) Remain positive

Employers always look for individuals who are positive inside or outside a professional setting. It is imperative to always keep a smile on your face, remain relaxed and friendly when meeting a future employer


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