Robert Flanagan Vaughn Ames art exhibition

By Elizabeth Bracey

Senior Robert Flanagan held his final art exhibition named Misfunction in the student gallery of the first floor of Vaughn Ames building on Feb. 12  at 6 pm.
The three dimensional sculptural art was on display and welcomed for all students at kean university.

Misfunction resembles work Flanagan created over the years. Each piece took 16 to 18 hours to create. Flanagan loves to recreate art. His creativity makes his work of art very interesting.

Upon walking inside the Vaughn Ames Gallery the first piece you notice is The Vices of Guardian Angels. This piece is very meaningful to him. A good friend of his recently died the previous week of liver cancer, The Vices of Guardian Angels was dedicated to her. In remembrance Flanagan plans to mail the dedicated artwork to
the deceased friend’s mother and children.

“Each piece I create is inspired by something different. I sketch a creation that I want and it becomes something of its own,” said Flanagan, “something different from the original concept.”

Many art students came to check out the exhibition in between their class. Student Kareem Joe, Student Kareem Joe, enjoyed Flanagan’s work. “I loved the art exhibition Misfunction. The exhibition is nice and different,” said Joe.

The gallery had ten pieces of art altogether. On one of the pieces students were able to add a personal touch before they left. Some students wrote their name, others drew themselves or objects that they liked.  The exhibition also offered free food and drinks to all students in attendance.

Flanagan mother, Naomi Dochych was also there to show support.

“I am very proud of Robert. He is living the dream I wanted,” said Dochych. “I originally wanted to be a cartoonist and realized I had a natural ability to do it. Robert is one of the sweetest people I know with a greater talent given. His attitude always remains positive.”

Flanagan plans to graduate this May with a degree in Fine Arts and a minor in European Art History.  Flanagan wants to continue his career in art. Flanagan had a great experience at Kean University during his past four years. Due to his age Flanagan feels more youthful and he appreciates the field of art that much more. Flanagan hopes to grow as the best artist he can be after graduation and he is looking forward to many more art exhibitions.


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