Kean U Crushes collects Kean’s dirty lingerie

By Kyle Lawrence

Imagine a catalogue of the romantic and sexual thoughts going through the minds of Kean students. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this catalogue exists in Twitter form.

Kean U Crushes is a twitter account where Kean students can post their hidden desires and thoughts for the world to see,
often specifically naming the object of their desires. While this account is similar to Kean Confessionals, Kean U Crushes focuses on the romantic and sexual sides of Kean students’ psyches. And it plays out exactly how you might think.

There are several tame, flirtatious tweets such as “sean mckee #mcm take off that shirt baby” and “Any women out here searching for a buff gym man?”

Then there are the expected, yet surprisingly open, tweets that are frankly too obscene to publish in The Tower.

All of these confessions are anonymously posted to Twitter through Kean U Crushes’ AskFM page. Kean students go to the AskFM page through the link provided on Twitter, type out their confession, and then the Twitter admin posts it.

“I set up the Kean Crushes page because, after only a short time of attending the university, I realized that people would isolate themselves between commuters and dormers,” said the Kean U Crushes Admin, who wished to remain nameless, in an email interview. “I thought it would be fun to kick start the mending of all students in a way that would keep students entertained and always coming back for more.”

The Admin’s desire seems to be a reality. Kean U Crushes currently has 1,437 followers, and many Kean students retweet and respond to the confessions.

“idk who keeps writing about my wife @TheRealPulsey but you should know she’s already taken.. By me lmfao” is a response to the tweet “Julie from Theta is literally perfect she like comics, she’s beautiful, and she’s Italian. #ciaobella #vienequa “

In some cases, even phone numbers have been exchanged.

There are guidelines to these confessions posted on the AskFM page. The feed is “NOT a confessions page” and is not used to trash-talk others on their sexual performances. Those comments won’t get posted. There’s also a few formatting rules, such as character limit and the use of first and last names.

“For the most part, most of the submissions on the page are submitted, but I always try to avoid posting something regarding a specific person having a small penis, or being a ‘slut’,” said the Admin.

Kean U Crushes is not the only twitter of its kind. Rutgers, Camden, and others have similar Twitter handles for the same purpose.

Twitter handles like these present a reflection of the negative aspects of the on-the-go college student life. With work, homework, thesis papers, bus routes, credits, etc. it can be extremely difficult for students to find time to socialize and really connect with their peers.

“It’s hilarious,” said Joe Leach, senior at Kean, “but I think it shows people need to stop worrying about what others will think about them if they 
approach them.”

“I’m on it 24/7,” said Gabriella Resende, who has been mentioned on Kean U Crushes before.

The tweet mentioning Resende reads, “That girl Gaby who commutes but is always in Bartlett got that fatty #heygirl ? U single or nah?”

The Admin has learned a few things from running a twitter feed connected to the sex drives of an entire campus.

“I’ve learned that one can never judge a book by its cover because you never know when someone that is interested in you is in your 8 a.m. lecture or sitting behind you in the café.”

While most of the tweets on Kean U Crushes will be the equivalent of graffiti on a bathroom wall, the Admin believes there is “great potential” for hook-ups.

“I do believe there is great potential for [hook-ups] to happen,” said the Admin. “After all, it is human nature to be curious, who wouldn’t want to find out who their potential college love was?”

While Kean U Crushes isn’t a glamorous representation of Kean University, its potential for anonymous venting and brutal honesty has captured the admiration of many students. Love, sex, desire; it all melts together on Kean
U Crushes.


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