CEO Jerry Abramov hopes to share his experiences

By Tim Awojobi

When Jerry Abramov first came to this country, survival was his only option. Both of his parents were hard-working and struggling, leaving Abramov on his own. That has made him the man he is today. He is now CEO of COS Phones Company and a self-made millionaire. Abramov wants to spread his word and life experience to youth and college students around the country.

“I was a determined man, set to make things happen,” said Abramov, who never went to high school or college. When Canadian-native Abramov came to this country, he came with about $200. No parents, no close friends and no support.

“I was homeless,” said Abramov. “I was living with my friends for about a month, and they screwed me over leaving me homeless.” He was getting around in an old, junk automobile. Sleepless nights, living in his car were nightmares.

“I never ate real food,” Abramov said. “Chips and snacks is what I lived off of to survive.”

Around age 21, Abramov received a business opportunity to stay with friends in Pennsylvania. About two weeks after moving to the United States, his so-called “friends” screwed him over through a high-class deal with a cell phone company. For months, Abramov had nowhere to stay or go.

“My first six months in this country was horrible,” said Abramov. After a while, he was able to live with a close relative in the ghetto of Brooklyn, New York.

“I lived in a warehouse. People would laugh at me and make fun of me all the time,” said Abramov. Still struggling, he tried to stay on his feet to stay alive and survive.

About three months later, Abramov received a call from a man in Arizona offering a business opportunity shipping products. Left with about $50 left in his bank account, he was drinking water every day, unable to afford food. Abramov was so eager to continue with the business opportunity that he went out of his way to find the money to continue the business. 

“Sometimes, in life we have to do what’s best for our future, not the present,” said Abramov.

After years went by, Abramov met his now business partner, Mendel, who at first was very uncertain about the business. It took time for money to come in, and profits to blend. 

“Nothing happens overnight,” said Abramov. He worked very hard to become the man he is today, from being homeless, to becoming a successful millionaire; he has been through it all.

“An inspiration is what you want it to be,” said Abramov. He never made excuses for anyone or anything. “If I made it through the struggle, why can’t you?”

As of right now, Abramov has many upcoming goals targeted for college students, including Kean University students. He seeks to start an internship program that will benefit the company, as well as students.

“I want to inspire students to learn how to network market, as well as become familiar with the company itself,” said Abramov.

Abramov wants to give back to the community, including Kean University, as early as Fall 2014.

“Great opportunities come to those who wait,” said Abramov, “but you can only tell yourself who you want to be.”


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